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Wake Your Mind Up lyrics


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     Wake Your Mind Up
    >> 311
    Wake your mind up clear your eyes up
    Move and rise up before your times up
    Clock is ticking, you're caught slippin
    Stop to realize look and listen
    Well I guess that's life when you see a dark road up the way
    And I guess that's life when you gotta roll through anyway
    Now don't scream, don't fight fear, never ever made it go away
    Some ghost town as yesterday
    Made you feel like love was miles away
    Now those sleepless nights thoughts just cloud up my brain
    Feeling helpless repeating the same old memories of pain and I wish it would rain, yo
    Gimme starlit skies fro dreamland
    I know it's really smaller than it seems
    But when the pressure gets under my skin
    I just wanna get out and scream in the wind, yo
    The world we're livin in is complicated
    The streets that we walk on are dark and jaded
    A wandering soul that's filled with hatred
    In it is poison the youth is tainted
    Social engineering keeps us seperated
    Media control is highly overrated
    Ignorance is bliss to those uneducated
    Listen to the message cuz it's time we faced it
    I'm controller of my destination
    Gotta change my mind to help me break away
    The sun creeps over the hillside to shed this light
    No man could ever take away
    I guess that's life you see a new side from the norm
    A new direction and meaning to the form
    And the calm in the eye of the storm, yo
    Show me a desert that can never be drenched
    I'll show you a thirst that can never be quenched
    Temptation chronicles, the story of my life
    Been spent on a dose of balancing strife
    Inspiration it comes and goes
    You can bet when it hits I'm on the phone
    Singing to my voicemail trying to get it down
    In a sensation of shape shifting sound
    You're telling fables to cover up your foibles
    From overindulgence on things you find enjoyable
    Designed to take my mind away from truth
    Try to make me play the sleuth
    They want you to think someone's watching you
    So they can make up a set of rules for you
    I'm just trying to find a path that I can stomach
    Just trying to make some sense out from it
    Don't stop what you got
    Don't stop til you find the sweet spot
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